Boat Pens

Looking for Safe and Secure Boat Pens in Perth?

The Boathouse Marina provides Perth boat owners with premium vessel storage in our state of the art boat pens. Perth seafarers can ensure that their nautical vehicle has the very best care when it isn’t out on the open sea. By choosing our boat pens, Perth boat owners have complete access to their pride and joy, either through our one-hour launch phone services or our 24 hour ‘airkey’ access.

Phone us and get your boat in the water within the hour.

Our state of the art boat pens allow us to offer a one-hour boat launch for all our customers. Phone from home and we guarantee that within one hour your boat will be in the water and ready to explore the open expanses of the ocean. You have worked hard to attain your boat, make sure that you are able to utilize your property when you want. By storing their vessel in our boat pens, Perth residents have been able to save thousands of dollars on cleaning and maintenance costs, as well as time.

Be free to navigate the seas, anytime!

The team at The Boathouse Marina are simply made from the same stock as our customers. We understand that the appeal of the open sea can hit at any time, that is why we are dedicated to making sure that our customers can access their vessel within the hour. Don’t let anyone get between you and the open sea, especially not your marina. With our innovative boat pens, Perth boat owners can have their boat in the water when that desire for open sea winds and the great blue expanse hits!

Find a simply better marina experience.

Learn how you can apply for boats pens in our Perth based dry storage marina by calling 0432 692 228 or clicking here. We have developed solutions for dry storage that simply works for all boat owners across Perth.